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Stainless Steel Shower head Sprayer 300 x 300 Slim AIR, Swivel Ball directional, in Mirror shine finish, Anti-Limescale

  • This shower sprayer with ball joint in stainless steel 300x300 mm Slim stainless steel Air.
  • Square design with larger dimensions of 300x300 mm, facilitates and reduces the time to use and consumption while achieving a more immersive effect. Thanks to the brand unique advanced AIR technology, which is based on UltraSlim Air Injection Technology before the water outlet giving volume to the drops, softer and more comfortable effect of the water drop, emulating nature and turning your daily shower into a unique sensory experience, Spa effect. This system also reduces water consumption by up to 30%.
  • It is easy to install and does not run any kind of risk, the thread encroaches an internal gasket with the standard size particle filter, easy installation and handling without the need for tools and there is no risk of water leakage when replacing it, since it is later fixed to the water outlet, simply screw the sprayer into place.
  • Anti-limescale prevents water pressure from being obstructed and decreased, while preventing deterioration due to the passage of time and the corrosive effect of limescale.

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