Why use wall hung Toilet ?

Create more space with a wall hung toilet

Wall hung toilets are the perfect solution for modern bathrooms. Yes, you will need to factor in a space within the wall, but clever designing still results in more overall space and perhaps just as importantly, the feeling of more space.

Perhaps you’re looking to utilise a larger space with a feature bathtub, and need a toilet that won’t impact on the space? A wall hungtoilet can create more space, allowing you more options when it comes to choosing the final design of your new bathroom.

Wall Hung toilets are easier to clean

The nature of their design means they’re much easier to clean, as there’s no reaching behind the toilet bowl and cistern to get to the gap behind. With no nooks and crannies, wall-mounted toilets are less likely to build up with dirt and grime too, making them a much more hygienic choice.

Cleaning the bathroom is hardly a job to look forward to, but at least with a wall-mounted toilet you know you’re giving yourself just that little bit less to do – giving you the chance to do something you actually enjoy!

Wall hung toilets are more design-friendly

Putting the cistern behind the wall allows you to tile the floor flush to the wall, creating an ultra-modern Wall Hung toilet effect. This concealed cistern allows for a stylish finish, making the bathroom in your home resemble that of a beautiful hotel room en-suite!

  • Feb 28, 2018
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