Wetroom or Walk-in Shower as a bath tub replacement ?

1. What is a Wet room / walk in shower?

“Wet room” is the name given to any part of a bathroom or en suite that has been waterproofed, is level with the rest of the room, and dedicated to showering. Usually tiled to be level with the rest of the room its walk in style contributes to an overall design style that is modern, simple and minimalistic in appearance.

2. What are the benefits of a wet room/walk in shower?

A walk in shower area opens up the bathroom or en suite adding to a modern simple and fresh look creating a more attractive space. Its approach fits the modern designs emanating from the leading European bathroom fittings manufacturers. In addition because wetbases can be tailored to fit any space, it offers infinite flexibility in both the look of a wet room and overall room design.

3. What do I need to build a wet room/walk in shower?

A specially designed and purpose made “wetbase” lies at the heart of a wet room or walk in shower. A fast flow drain and waterproofing materials complete the list of essential components within a wet room kit. A shower screen or screens also usually feature in the design.

4. How much space do I need for a wet room/walk in shower?
A wet room / walk in shower can be made to fit a wide range of spaces. The smallest WetBase that Wetrooms Online sell is only 800 mm x 800 mm, whereas the largest in the range is almost 2 meters long but the overall room dimensions clearly determine how much space can be made available. The most popular size is 1200 x 900 mm often fitted into a space once occupied by a standard sized bath.
5. Can it be tiled?
Yes. Providing the contoured, natural slope of the wetbase, which directs water towards the drain thus ensuring the shower water escapes quickly from the shower area, is not compromised. Large scale tiles need to be cut accordingly but mosaic tiles are easiest to fit--mosaic tiles are supplied on flexible backing sheets
13. Why do I have to select the kind of drain I need. What are the choices?
Drains allow for an either horizontal or vertical drainage. In most instances a horizontal drain will be suitable, running just underneath the existing room floor. A vertical drain is only required where the existing drainage is so arranged or where there are obstructions preventing a horizontal run to the waste pipe.

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16. How do I stop water flowing into the rest of the room?
A shower screen fitted along the long side of the wetbase resting on the tiles will prevent water from splashing or running into the rest of the room. They can be bought in a variety of sizes and designs from very simple clear glass screens to hinged versions, wall fixed or freestanding, etc

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