the Best Bathroom Wash basin for Your Space

Pedestal Wash basin
“Pedestals are light and airy, allowing both the Wash basin and the space to shine,” says Italia Bagno’s Interior Designer of this stand-alone, less-is-more approach. The only downside to the strong architectural feature?A lack of storage.

Wall-Mounted Wash basin
With its elegant, floating-in-air look, a minimalist wall-mounted design not only feels delightfully unexpected, it’s also ideal for anyone requiring extra accessibility. “Just make sure the space has proper wall support,” cautions Italia’s Interior Designer. “All the plumbing needs to disappear inside the wall to successfully pull off this look.”

Under-CounterWash basin
“I use this kind of Wash basin whenever and wherever possible,” he says. “It has a clean, custom look that feels both thoughtful and luxurious.” While the installation process can sometimes be more complicated, the seamless result—with plenty of counter space and storage to boot—is worth the effort.

Vessel Wash basin
Designed to rest on a countertop, this style demands attention. “The vanity and Wash basin become separate statements, creating a unique design opportunity that feels one of a kind,” Italia Bagno’s Interior Designer says. Because its application is less practical, the vessel Wash basin is a great showpiece for a powder room.

Console Wash basin
The console Wash basin is an eye-catching space-saver with the option for open shelving below. “Stylistically, it’s more like a piece of furniture, and the mix of materials creates a beautiful layered effect.” The execution for this style must be carefully considered, however, since the plumbing is exposed.

  • Feb 28, 2018
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